On Friday, a custody dispute took place at an Oregon middle school. A man died during the dispute after he produced a firearm when officials were escorting him out of the building, said Police

Local sources say that the Eugene Police Department reached Cascade Middle School at 10:27 a.m when they were informed about the custodial dispute that involved an unidentified male.

After the incident took place inside the school’s building, authorities interacted with one of the leading news channels and shared that officials were escorting a man from the school when he took out a firearm and tried to shoot the officers. Police tried to stop the suspect and shot him during the altercation outside the school. The man died due to his injuries, the authorities added.

A report says that students studying inside the Cascade Middle School were locked in their respective classrooms during the incident. After the suspect was killed, the school was locked down for nearly four hours to keep the utmost safety in the premises. Police then investigated the city about 110 miles south of Portland and home of the University of Oregon for any possible threats.

After the authorities completed their investigation, they affirmed that no other injuries were reported in the area and this was the first time that one of the schools in the area saw a shooting in its premises.

The incident that took place in the Cascade Middle School during the custody dispute made nearby residents remember an earlier event that struck the area more than 20 years ago. The previous incident took place inside the Thurston High School in nearby Springfield where a 15-year-old Kip Kinkel killed his parents and shot two other students of the school.

There have been reports that 26 other people were also injured in the shooting following which Kinkel was sentenced and booked in prison for life.

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