A Florida woman has been arrested for beating her 89-year-old husband to death. The 86-year-old woman is said to have used a walking cane to beat her husband inside the couple’s home.

On Monday, Santa Rosa Sheriff Bob Johnson in a press conference shared that officials have arrested Ramona Maxine Lund, 86, after her husband, Francis Joseph Lund, was found dead in their home. The woman is accused of beating her husband to death with her walking cane, the Sheriff added.

Local sources say that neighbors called the police on Saturday after they saw Ramona Lund standing over her husband’s body. Authorities said that the incident was initially believed to be a medical emergency but later came up to be a crime scene.

After police reached the crime scene, they discovered that Francis Lund died from blunt force trauma to the head and the reason for the injury was the cane covered in blood inside the home.

After affirming the incident as a crime scene, authorities are now working on whether Ramona Lund has the mental capacity to stand trial.

“Based on observations of my investigators, as well as other personnel, when you interact with her on a personal level, when you ask her questions, it’s clear that she’s confused,” Johnson said

One of the leading news channels have reported that Ramona Lund has no history of a mental condition similar to dementia, but when asked about the incident, she was unaware of where she was and what time it was.

“If someone has dementia, they are not going to become competent, they are going to stay that way,” Public Defender Bruce Miller, who is representing Ramona Lund, told the news channels.

Police records show that Ramona Lund is being held on $250,000 bond.

Michael Turner
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