Avengers Endgame beats Avatar to become the greatest movie of all time

A little more than a month ago, Avengers: Endgame fans conceded defeat to James Cameron’s 2009 Avatar, admitting it would remain the greatest film ever. At San Diego Comic-Con, Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige declared that is no longer evident.

Endgame, the conclusion of a 22-movie arc started by Marvel in 2008, will officially outperform Avatar as the highest-grossing film ever either today or tomorrow. There is a presumed $500,000 different between Endgame and Avatar, which analysts foresee will close within a day. It’s the reason Feige could make the declaration he did at Comic-Con.

“Thanks to you, Avengers: Endgame is the greatest film ever,” Feige said on stage.

Disney and Marvel Studios have been gunning for the top spot, which has been held by Cameron and 20th Century Fox (presently a Disney property) for 10 years. The company released a different rendition of Endgame in theaters on June 28th to help attract spectators once again, promising an erased scene (one that overwhelmed fans), a Stan Lee tribute, and an official post-credits scene. Disney and Marvel basically sold theater goers extras that would normally show up on the Blu-ray release, in the hope that it would be sufficient to drive individuals once again into the theatre once again to put the film over the edge.

“Around then, Avengers: Endgame was $37M from toppling Avatar, and many — both Disney insiders and rival distribution sources — didn’t believe the re-release would put the superhero pic over the top; Endgame’s foreign territories outside China and the U.S. were very short when compared to those of Avatar,” Deadline’s Anthony D’Alessandro wrote.

Most of the $37 million is believed to have come from offshore markets, as per Deadline, yet there was a real campaign in the US to make Endgame the biggest movie ever. (Endgame is the top movie now, however, that could change because of inflation.)

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is already too huge for Disney to suddenly stress over whether Endgame is the biggest movie ever or the second. This is not a suffering independent film. Marvel’s time at Hall H the previous evening was a reminder that, throughout the following three years, Disney’s superhero division is set to dominate both theatrical and streaming worlds. The message that Feige sent was simple: We own it all. Why bother competing? From numerous points of view, it’s like the message Disney sent in its open and improper endeavor to outperform Avatar. It’s not achievement driven by shareholder concerns; Endgame previously did what it should. This was achievement driven by conscience. The splendid move was looping in fans to make it seem like their success.

Avengers: Endgame turned out to be more than a singular movie since Marvel Studios, which inclines toward making fans feel like their part-time investors in the franchise, made it feel like something beyond a franchise film to fans. Marvel Studios is going to do something very similar with Disney+, Disney’s forthcoming streaming service.

“The Marvel fans’ longing to unseat Avatar as the top-grossing film ever is ultimately an endeavor to help one of the largest corporations on this planet squeeze more cash from fans and provide more value for stockholders,” Cameron Kunzelman wrote at Polygon.

Disney nor Marvel Studios are being broken up. They’re just getting bigger. What’s more, as Feige basically pointed out at Comic-Con, it’s dependent upon fans to help them stay that way.


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